3 things that make a ‘real’ Luo

Here are some of the factors that make a ‘real’ Luo.

1. Culture

Luos refrain from a number of things and do a number of others as per the traditions passed down to us by our forefathers, beginning with the first Luo on earth; Ramogi Ajwang’.

Culture is the main factor that distinguishes one from the other communities. It begins with the ability to speak and understand Dholuo and having the Luo name before traditions follow.

Therefore, a ‘real’ Luo has to possess all the three to be able to convince people that he is from this great community, or else they will have it hard explaining themselves.

2. Self-pride

Luos are proud of themselves and their community and don’t hide it when in the company of others.

It is only a real person who will stand with his community when posted in an area dominated by people from another community and avoid being assimilated.

A ‘real’ Luo must remain a Luo and not allow themselves to be swayed by the dangerously protruding Western civilisation.

And while the civilisation is needed and good, the Luo traditions, and that of all Kenyan communities should remain intact as that’s what makes us positively different.

3. Links with Luo Nyanza

While every Kenyan has a right and freedom to inhabit any part of the country, it remains a fact that almost all Luos have their roots back in Luo Nyanza.

A ‘real’ Luo must, therefore, keep touch with their relatives back home. They must ensure that they remain close to the land of their forefathers.

This helps prevent the narrative of he disappeared in the city (olal e boma), and also helps them know more about their people and culture.



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